Our Mission

The Good Meat Project inspires responsible meat production and consumption through experiential education.

IMAGE: Cheryl Juetten

our vision

We believe it is possible to raise and eat meat responsibly. We are committed to showing you how to bring good, clean, fair meat to your table. By bringing you closer to these basic processes, we hope to make you a more active, thinking participant in a better system of meat production. The choices you make about the meat you eat— each and every one of them — has an impact. By taking part in humane slaughter or picking up a knife and learning whole animal butchery and utilization with the Good Meat Project, you’ll become a champion of humane and regenerative principles of meat production and consumption. The goal of our unique brand of hands-on, experiential education is to inspire you, and everyone around you, to not only understand what good meat production and consumption looks like, but to become an active participant within it.

our programs

Our organization conceives and conducts hands-on, experiential education events and workshops, envisioned for consumers, farmers, butchers, and chefs. Find out more about our Eater, Feeder, and Seeder programs.

IMAGE: Cheryl Juetten

our history

The Good Meat Project (formerly the Meat Collective Alliance) was founded in 2014 by Camas Davis, who, in 2010, launched the Portland Meat Collective, an LLC  in Portland, Oregon whose aim is to teach consumers, in an experiential, hands-on way, where good meat comes from. In 2014, Camas launched the Good Meat Project with the goal of training individuals in other communities, from Seattle to Austin to Helena and beyond, to run their own Meat Collectives. Today, the Good Meat Project continues to help incubate Meat Collectives nationwide, continuing a model aimed at consumers in their respective communities. In addition, the Good Meat Project develops and hosts educational events and classes across the country, maintaining a team of knowledgeable instructors, and gearing each program specifically to not just consumers, but farmers, butchers, and chefs.

our staff & board

We are a 501c3 nonprofit. Our staff and board are made up of the very same people our educational programs are designed for: farmers, butchers, consumers, and chefs.

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