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Our Good Meat® Values

We believe in a constellation of production and consumption practices. What are your Good Meat values?

We believe in meat production and consumption practices that invest in healthy land, animals, and people, that embrace transparency from start to finish, and nourish and build community. 

We have a broad Good Meat® vision because we believe food is intensely personal, cultural, and contextual. Therefore we support a constellation of choices, practices, production methods, systems, and behaviors, and we want to see as many people as possible, from ranchers to chefs to consumers, included and represented.

Many in our community believe that meat can come from animals that were raised as part of carbon-sequestering, regenerative ecosystems. For others, it can come from farmers who are invested in pastured or grassfed production practices. For many of us, another Good Meat value is cooking and eating every part of the animal. Flavor can also be a determining factor, for animals allowed to graze in diverse ecosystems often reflect that diversity on the plate. And truly humane treatment of animals can, and should be, rolled up into any one of these aspects. Many of us define our Good Meat values as all of the above.

The meat we choose to eat and support can also come under many different names and labels.

Some labels are regulated and some are not.Some terms and/or certification you may have encountered or be familiar with might include:

  • grassfed & grass-finished *
  • animal welfare/humane
  • organic/real organic
  • pastured/pasture-raised
  • antibiotic/hormone-free

Sometimes labels and terms have no agreed upon, regulated, or formal definition, and sometimes they do. And sometimes the meat we choose to eat and support has no particular name or label at all. Confused yet?

*Grassfed & grass-finished: Oh, how nuanced these particular labels can be! For a very basic introduction, go here. To delve even deeper, check out our Grassfed Alliance Authentic Grassfed principles.

Find It, Buy It, Cook It

Our Good Meat Breakdown program will help you define your own Good Meat values and give you practical tools for finding and buying meat in your community and cooking it so it tastes good!

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Let's Dive Deeper

    Want to read about some of the people in our Good Meat® community and how they define their own Good Meat values??

    Check out our Good Meat® Snapshots.

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    Looking for a basic primer on the various labels that our community associates with Good Meat values?

    One of our favorite starting points is “The Conscious Carnivore’s Guide to Meat,” which our friends over at The Counter put together. We also love’s explanation of food labels.

    Ready to find out how you can buy meat that aligns with your Good Meat values?

    Check out our Find It resource.

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