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Our Services

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Collaboration is one of our core organizational values.

It order to achieve our mission, we foster authentic, long-term partnerships and projects with organizations and businesses that are working to support the farmers, ranchers, butchers, chefs, and other food professionals who align with our Good Meat® values. Here are some of the fee-based services we provide to our various collaborators. We partner with organizations, state, local and national agencies, and other business entities to create marketing toolkits and resources, technical assistance webinars, and workshops for specific audiences. Learn More about our ongoing services and collaborations.

Our Services

Customized Marketing Toolkits for Farmers and Ranchers

We are able to adapt our producer toolkits for specific audiences whether they be farmers and ranchers who live in a specific state, or butchers and chefs who are served by a specific organization.

Client Example: We partnered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to adapt our toolkits for Washington State livestock producers who sell meat directly to consumers.

Office Hours with Our Network of Marketing Experts

To support Good Meat® farmers and ranchers who are struggling with the marketing component of their business, we partner with organizations and state and local agencies to offer subsidized individual office hours with our network of Good Meat® marketing experts.

Client Example: In 2022-2023 We partnered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to offer Washington State direct-to-consumer producers one-on-one office hours with marketing experts who covered topics from holistically scaling your business to funnel marketing.

Customized Whole Animal Butchery Demonstrations and Experiential Workshops

We’ve partnered with the following organizations to develop and offer these hands-on whole animal butchery, utilization and marketing workshops for consumers, farmers, ranchers, butchers, chefs, and other food professionals: Women in Ranching, Southern Maryland Agricultural Commission, Chefs Collaborative, Quivira Coalition, Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming, Intertribal Agriculture Council. We enter into these partnerships on a fee-for-service basis.

Marketing Education Workshops & Series

In partnership with likeminded organizations, trade associations, and state and local agencies who serve direct-to-consumer Good Meat® farmers and ranchers, we develop and offer marketing education workshops on a fee-for-service basis.

Client Example: We have partnered with Quivira Coalition to offer marketing education workshops for past Regenerate conferences. 

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