Good Meat Project

Good Meat Project
We envision a thoughtful, conscientious culture of meat consumption that supports an ecologically sound, economically viable, responsible system of meat production, with the capacity to improve our environment, as well as the lives of animals and the people who produce and eat them for food.

We believe in Good Meat.

At the Good Meat Project, our mission is to build pathways toward responsible meat production and consumption. We see Good Meat as a constellation of practices that are centered around care for land, animals, and people.

We're building a Good Meat movement.

By sharing knowledge, building coalitions, and empowering change makers, the Good Meat Project inspires everyone, from ranchers to butchers to eaters, to build and support resilient, responsible, regional meat production systems.

We believe in Good Meat for all.

Our Good Meat Manifesto guides us. It not only keeps meat real, it keeps us real.  

Your support is crucial.

By donating and participating, you're helping us to grow the Good Meat movement. 

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