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Through education, networking, research, and advocacy, the GMP builds diverse Good Meat™ coalitions, empowers change makers, and inspires consumers, farmers, chefs, butchers, and other food professionals to build and support healthy, resilient, responsible, and regional meat production systems.

Good Meat Breakdown

The Good Meat™ Breakdown is an online educational resource for consumers that helps them find farmers in their regions who are stewarding land and animals with care, buy Good Meat from those farmers, and then cook the meat they’ve bought in ways that nourish their family and their community. The Good Meat Breakdown also builds and provides tools for Good Meat producers to use in their own marketing, education, and outreach efforts. Learn more about our Good Meat Breakdown program.

Good Meat Camps & Workshops

The Good Meat™ Project organizes, develops and hosts in-person, hands-on workshops and camps for eaters, seeders, and feeders. From our annual Good Meat Camp for Women to the numerous unique and customized workshops we have developed and hosted in partnership with organizations such as Chefs Collaborative, Glynwood, Southwest Grassfed Livestock Association, NC Choices' Carolina Meat Conference, and the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, our goal is always the same: to be collaborative, share knowledge, empower change makers, and build coalitions of people across the meat supply chain who want to work together to build a better food system. Learn more about our camps and workshops. *

Good Meat Camp for Women

Formerly Grrls Meat Camp (GMC), Good Meat™ Camp for Women is a relatively new program of the Good Meat Project with the mission to inspire, instruct and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks, and teachers, and give voice to women united by a shared interest in Good Meat. We achieve this programmatic mission through our annual Good Meat Camp for Women gathering and by growing a global online network of educators, mentors, and learners who are eager to share their knowledge with one another. Learn more about our Good Meat Camp for Women.

Good Meat Coalition

With our new Good Meat™ Coalition initiative, the Good Meat Project is scaling its impact. Under the auspices of the Good Meat Project, we are joining forces with other groups who are committed to building a Good Meat future. Together, we will influence the national conversation about what kind of meat will be valued and supported in the coming years. Our Coalition members (see below) gather for industry support, to share knowledge, to work together on market research and experimentation, and to build a new generation of consumers who support a diversity of Good Meat practices. See below for more information.

Grassfed Alliance

The Grassfed Alliance, now a program of the GMP, is our first Coalition member. Recognizing a need for unified messaging and focus in the grassfed industry, the Grassfed Alliance was founded in 2018 with the complementary mission to promote grassfed meat and dairy products that adhere to their ten Authentic Grassfed Principles. The Grassfed Alliance uses consumer research, trade promotion, market experimentation, and advocacy to advance the grassfed industry.  As a new GMP program and Good Meat Coalition collaborator, the GFA now brings its close relationships with grassfed beef and dairy brands across the United States to the GMP. The Grassfed Alliance will work alongside and across our other programs, by leveraging the principles of grassfed, to promote sound stewardship of grassfed beef as well as other species, including pastured pork and poultry. Learn more about the Grassfed Alliance here.

Good Meat Collectives

The Good Meat™ Project incubates new, independently-owned Meat Collectives in communities across the nation. Meat Collectives organize and host regionally-based, hands-on meat education programs. They offer classes, to consumers, farmers, chefs, and butchers, in whole animal butchery, charcuterie and cookery, as well as humane slaughter. Meat Collectives help students explore ways to produce, source and eat meat in accordance with their personal values, while teaching them where Good Meat comes from and how to take part in the processes that get Good Meat to our tables. Meat Collective classes are taught by local chefs and butchers and the animals used for each class are sourced from local farmers who are responsible stewards of land, animals, and people. Meat Collective classes are meant to be stepping stones for anyone on a mission to reconnect to their sources of nourishment. Learn more about starting a Meat Collective or how to find one near you go here. *

Good Meat Switchboard

We built the Good Meat™ Switchboard to create and strengthen dialogue between eaters, seeders, and feeders. A free, online tool, the Switchboard helps consumers, producers, processors, and others to buy, sell, and learn about Good Meat in their regions. The Switchboard simultaneously serves as a free, online, national, searchable marketplace, information exchange, networking hub, job board, virtual mutual aid network, and so much more. Membership is free. Join our Good Meat Switchboard today!

We built the Good Meat Breakdown as a jumping off point for consumers who want to find, buy and cook Good Meat. Check it out!

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