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For our friends who deal in knives, plates, and forks...

Our BACON program supports the butchers, chefs, and other professionals who source, process, and sell meat that aligns with our Good Meat® values. 

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We're building a Good Meat® community of practice for butchers & chefs

Our BACON program supports butchers, chefs, and other food professionals who aim to source, process, and sell local meat raised by livestock farmers who invest in healthy land, animals, and people. Our program offers peer-to-peer learning, knowledge exchange, education, resource libraries, apprenticeship programs, community building opportunities, and so much more.

Good Meat® Support for Butchers & Chefs

  • Education

    We maintain a library of butchery learning opportunities, we're developing a New Butchers Training Program, and we teach seasoned butchers and chefs how to host their own hands-on butchery classes.

  • Advertising

    We make it easy for consumers to connect with their local butchers through our whole animal butcher shop list.

  • Connection

    We coordinate peer-to-peer learning opportunities for practicing and aspiring butchers and chefs who are committed to our Good Meat® values.

Program Offerings

Women’s Good Meat® Network

Are you a women-identifying, trans, or gender nonconforming butcher or chef who wants to connect with and learn from other people like you who align with our Good Meat values and who work in the industry? Check out our Women's Good Meat Network.

Good Meat® Collectives

Are you an aspiring or practicing butcher, chef, or other food professionals who wants to develop, organize, and host hands-on Good Meat® classes in whole-animal butchery, charcuterie, and cookery, and/or humane slaughter for your customers. Our Good Meat Collectives initiative is here to help you do just that.

Marketing Toolkits

Are you a retail butcher or chef who spends a lot of time educating customers about cooking the meat they buy from you? Are you a processor who wants help explaining cut sheets and butcher charts to customers? Check out our simple, well-designed, consumer education, outreach, and social media toolkits on bulk buying meat, cooking meat, and figuring out cut sheets.  Use them in your own marketing and outreach efforts. These PDF’s are simple to download and easy to share. We hope to save you some of the time and energy you probably spend on outreach, education, and marketing. 

New Butchers Training Pilot Program

The Good Meat® movement needs a new generation of skilled butchers. The viability of our rural, agricultural economy depends on it. To address this need, the GMP is working to launch a New Butchers Training Pilot Program. Our program would partner with skilled meat processors and retailers in Oregon to offer apprenticeships in butchery. Our apprentices would learn in full-immersion settings from trained practitioners. The program would connect first-career professionals and career changers with partner mentors who are committed to working at the intersection of responsible food production, ecologically-sound agriculture, and regional food sovereignty. Stay tuned!

Whole Animal Butcher Shop Database

Do you own or work at a whole animal butcher shop that aligns with our Good Meat® values? We want to help you connect with more customers. Check out our list of shops. If you aren't on there, let us know!

Other BACON Initiatives and Projects

    Good Meat® Switchboard

    Find a Good Meat® farmer. Exchange recipes. Share butchery equipment. Swap advice. Our Switchboard is here for you. And it's free to join!

    Join the Switchboard

    Kitchen Table Chats

    In partnership with Women in Ranching, our Women's Good Meat Network program offers our Kitchen Table Chat features engaging conversations with women-identifying, trans, and gender nonconforming folks who are tending to land and animals, caring for families, making difficult decisions, pivoting, changing, and feeding their communities in a multitude of brave and creative ways.

    Learn More

More BACON Resources

  • Want to learn how to butcher?

    Coming Soon! For anyone looking to learn whole animal butchery and utilization, we maintain a library of hands-on, in-person, and online learning opportunities around the world. Your dream charcuterie study adventure awaits. 

  • Find support in our WGMN's Aid database

    Coming Soon! Our Women's Good Meat® Network maintains a database of financial support and other forms of aid for women, trans, and gender nonconforming folk working in the meat industry.  

  • Do you sell 100% grassfed beef?

    Take part in our Real Burger of Earth Day Promotion with other farmers, chefs, and butchers who want to raise the profile of 100% grassfed beef. 

Interested in being a featured in our Snapshots?

Inspiration. Information. Community. Our Good Meat® Snapshots share perspectives from Good Meat® farmers, ranchers, butchers, consumers, chefs, and others who align with our Good Meat® values.

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