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Good Meat Breakdown®: Find It

Discover the options for finding and buying local meat raised by farmers who share your Good Meat® values.

Finding meat that aligns with your Good Meat® values, is not always as easy as it should be (if it were, we wouldn't have built the Good Meat Breakdown®). You may have to search further afield than the grocery store, ask more questions, and be willing to learn. Sound overwhelming? 

Don't worry. We've got you. 

1. The Grocery Store Option

To dip your toe into the Good Meat® universe, you may start by seeing if your local grocery store sources and sells meat from farmers and ranchers who align with your Good Meat values.

Buying From Grocery Stores

Learn what to ask for at the meat counter and which labels and certifications to look for in the meat case.

When you're ready to move beyond the grocery store, you generally have three main options for sourcing: Buying from butchers, buying a la carte from farmers, or buying in bulk from farmers.

2. Buy From a Butcher

Butchers who have taken the time to define their own Good Meat values and to source from farmers and ranchers who share those values are proud of it, so asking for information about the farms they source from and how the animals are raised on those farms may be enough to get the information you need.

The Butcher Option

You just want to buy a couple of pieces of local, grassfed beef, or pastured pork, but where the heck do you go? Learn some butcher lingo and how to order what you need.

3. Buying From Farmers

There are typically two options to consider when buying directly from farmers and ranchers. The first option is to buy in bulk in the form of a whole or partial carcass (or sometimes in the form of a Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) bulk box. The second option is to buy à la carte cuts from a farmer that has their own booth at a farmers market or a store online or at their farm.

Buy à La Carte From a Farmer

Interested in buying directly from a farmer but aren’t able to commit to purchasing a large amount? Some farmers sell cuts directly to consumers.

Buy in Bulk From a Farmer

Many farmers prefer to sell whole, half, or quarter animals to customers (otherwise known as bulk shares). Buying this way means you can get enough cuts of meat to fill your freezer for the year. This can feel overwhelming the first time around. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Find a Good Meat® Farmer

You’re interested in buying meat directly from a farmer, but where do you go to find a farmer who aligns with your Good Meat® values? Read on. We've compiled a list of tips and resources to help you connect with a local farmer. 

More Learning

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