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For our friends who tend to land, animals, and a whole lot of fencing...

Our FARMIN program works with Good Meat® farmers and ranchers to increase their economic viability and positive ecological impact.

Let's build a Good Meat® movement today.

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We're building a Good Meat® community of practice for farmers & ranchers.

We develop one-on-one and group technical assistance, resource libraries, collaborative marketing experimentation, marketing toolkits, peer-to-peer learning, and networking opportunities to Good Meat® farmers and ranchers who align with our Good Meat® values.

Good Meat® Support for Farmers & Ranchers

  • Marketing Education Opportunities

    We offer technical trainings and consultations with industry experts, and other educational resources.

  • Marketing Materials For Your Business

    We develop collaborative trade promotions throughout the year and helpful marketing toolkits

  • Connect With and Learn From Your Peers

    We offer online opportunities peer-to-peer learning opportunities throughout the year. 

Program Offerings

The Lowdown: Peer-to-Peer Learning

The Lowdown is a once-a-month, virtual gathering of direct-to-consumer Good Meat producers who want to go deep and talk shop. Our “Lowdowns” are a virtual opportunity for Good Meat producers to strengthen their marketing and learn from one another. Each session is focused on a marketing theme.

Trade Promotions

We develop and run annual trade promotions in partnership with direct-to-consumer Good Meat® producers, brands, and businesses who share our Good Meat® values. We create the content, our partners adapt it for their brand! Together, we grow the Good Meat® movement. 

Marketing Fundamentals Course for Good Meat® Producers

We offer free marketing education workshops and series throughout the year to Good Meat® farmers and ranchers who sell direct to consumers. Sign up today to receive access to these next level marketing resources. 

Grassfed Alliance Initiative

Good Meat Project’s Grassfed Alliance initiative promotes grassfed meat and dairy products that meet Authentic Grassfed Principles. Are you a 100% grassfed farmer or rancher? 

Marketing Toolkits

Check out our series of simple, well-designed, consumer education toolkits. We built them for you to use in your own marketing and outreach efforts to customers. These PDF’s are simple to download and easy to share. We hope to save you some of the time and energy you probably spend on educating customers about finding, buying, and cooking your meat. 

Women's Good Meat® Network

Are you a women-identifying, trans, or nonbinary farmer or rancher who wants to learn butchery or who wants to connect with Good Meat® butchers and chefs? Check out our Women's Good Meat Network opportunities.

Other FARMIN Initiatives and Projects

    Good Meat® Collectives

    The Good Meat® Project trains Good Meat® ambassadors, in communities around the country, to develop, organize, and host hands-on classes in whole-animal butchery, charcuterie and cookery, and humane slaughter, themselves. Are you a farmer or rancher who wants to host these types of classes on your farm?

    Learn More

    Kitchen Table Chats

    In partnership with Women in Ranching, our Women's Good Meat Network program offers our Kitchen Table Chat features engaging conversations with women-identifying, trans, and gender nonconforming folks who are tending to land and animals, caring for families, making difficult decisions, pivoting, changing, and feeding their communities in a multitude of brave and creative ways.

    Good Meat® Switchboard

    Sell your meat. Exchange recipes. Share equipment. Swap advice. Our Switchboard is here for you. And it's free to join!

    Join the Switchboard

    Good Meat Breakdown®

    We built our Good Meat Breakdown resource to help educate your customers on how to buy your meat. Consider linking to our Good Meat Breakdown portal on your website and sharing it on on your social media channels.

    Learn More

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Inspiration. Information. Community. Our Good Meat® Snapshots share perspectives from Good Meat® farmers, ranchers, butchers, consumers, chefs, and others who align with our Good Meat® values.

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