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Good Meat® Collectives

A one-of-a-kind model for hands-on, experiential meat education across the country

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Experiential Meat Education

We train Good Meat® ambassadors, in communities around the country, to develop, organize, and host hands-on classes in whole-animal butchery, charcuterie and cookery, and humane slaughter. 

What's a Meat Collective?

A Good Meat Collective is a community meat school and resource that offers hands-on classes in whole-animal butchery, cookery, and charcuterie, as well as humane slaughter. A Meat Collective is a bit like a community garden but for meat, or a butcher shop where the customers get to stand side by side with the butchers and farmers. For each Meat Collective class, local Good Meat® farmers sell whole animals to students who, in turn, learn from seasoned butchers and chefs how to transform a whole carcass into food. Students go home with a lot of good meat and increasingly rare knowledge and skills, and they are inspired to continue to support the Good Meat® chefs, butchers, and farmers in their region with their pocketbooks.


GMP's founder, Camas Davis, launched the first Good Meat Collective in Portland, Oregon in 2010, in order to build an educated consumer base that wanted to support local meat producers and brands that aligned with our Good Meat® values. In 2014, when she launched the Good Meat Project, she open-sourced the Meat Collective model in order to share it with other individuals and communities across the country. Since then, the GMP has incubated Meat Collectives in communities across the nation—from the Central Texas Meat Collective in Austin, Texas, to the Chicago Meat Collective in Illinois—and acts as an advisor to all existing Meat Collectives.

Each Meat Collective, while independently owned, shares the same goals as the very first Meat Collective. Through experiential, hands-on meat education, all Meat Collectives build an educated consumer base that supports the Good Meat® farmers, ranchers, butchers, and chefs who align with our Good Meat® values. Meat Collectives also inspire dialogue and cooperation between consumers, producers, butchers, and chefs.

Interested in Launching a Local Meat Collective?

  • Startup Guide

    First, we've built an entire library of resources and tools to help you launch a Meat Collective in your community. Resources include a comprehensive startup guide, class recipe packets, student form templates, and more. These materials are donation-based, on a sliding-scale. Pay what you can! 

  • Join Our Community

    Once you've worked your way through our resources, join our closed Facebook group where you can chat with other who have started a Meat Collective or who offer Meat Collective-style classes under an already existing brand or business, like a butcher shops, restaurant, or farm.

  • More Questions?

    We realize Meat Collectives are a unique business model. Sometimes, even after reading through all of our materials, and talking to others, you'll still have questions. Get in touch with us and we'll route you to the right person, maybe even the founder of the Meat Collective model!  

Existing Meat Collectives & Other Meat Education Businesses

    Past & Present Meat Collectives

    It takes a lot to launch and run a Meat Collective, and it's often a passion project over a full-time job. Many people have expressed interest in starting a Meat Collective. A smaller handful have actually launched one. Below is a list of those who have run, or still run, a Meat Collective from 2010 to the present. All Meat Collectives are independently owned and operated. The Good Meat Project open sources the Meat Collective model to all of them. Each adapts the model as it makes sense for their life and their community.

    Portland Meat Collective
    Owner: Camas Davis
    Location: Portland, Oregon
    2010, Closed 2021

    Seattle Meat Collective
    Owner: Brandi Henderson
    Location: Seattle, Washington
    Find Out More

    Gainesville Meat Collective
    Owner: Angela Minno
    Location: Gainesville, Florida
    Find Out More

    Central Texas Meat Collective
    Owner: Julia Poplawsky
    Location: Austin, Texas
    2016, Inactive
    Find Out More

    Eugene Meat Collective
    Owner: Jonathan Tepperman
    Location: Eugene, Oregon
    2016, Closed 2022
    Find Out More

    Montana Meat Collective
    Owner: Alan Michaud
    Location: Helena, Montana
, Closed 2019

    Northern Colorado Meat Collective
    Owner: Erica Gagne Glaze
    Location: Fort Collina, Colorado
    Find Out More

    Chicago Meat Collective
    Owner: McCullough Kelly-Willis
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Find Out More

    Lick Skillet Collective
    Founder: Alex Miller(Lick Skillet is a nonprofit)
    Location: New Market, TN
    Find Out More

    Denver Meat Collective
    Founder: Danielle Davis
    Location: Denver, CO
    2019, Inactive
    Find Out More

    The Honest Carnivore: A West Virginia Meat Collective
    Founder: Elizabeth Riffle, Riffle Farms
    Location: Terra Alta, WV
    ind Out More

    Minneapolis Meat Collective
    Founder: Cecka Parks
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Find Out More

    Utah Meat Collective
    Founder: Tom Wheatley
    Location: Spanish Fork, UT
    Find Out More

    Other Businesses & Brands That Also Offer Meat-Collective Style Classes

    The following are businesses that have consulted with or trained under the Good Meat Project's Meat Collective program and offer hands-on Meat Collective style education, but do not use the "Meat Collective" name as part of their branding.

    Hand Hewn Farm
    Founders: Andy & Katie Lane, Doug & Molly Wharton, Kathy Neal
    Location: Fresno, OH
    Founded: 2014
    Find Out More

    Kettle Range Meat Company
    Founder: Mark Bearce
    Location: Elm Grove & Milwaukie, WI
    Founded: 2015
    Find Out More

    Get Meaty
    Samantha Garwin
    Location: Greater Boston Area+ Online Education
    Founded: 2021
    Find Out More

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