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Good Meat® Resource Library

A jumping off point for our Good Meat® community

Whether you're a consumer, a farmer, a rancher, a butcher, a chef, or one of the many Good Meat® advocates who are part of our community, we've built the resources and tools you'll need to navigate your particular galaxy within the broader Good Meat® universe.

Consumer Resources

  • Find It

    One of our Good Meat® values is care for land, animals and people. Buying from a Good Meat® producer is an investment in that care. We're here to help you find a Good Meat® farmer or rancher whose values align with yours. Along the way, we'll help you figure out which buying model makes the most sense for you. 

  • Ready to buy in bulk?

    Buying local meat that aligns with your Good Meat® values is not always as easy as it should be. You may have to search further afield than the grocery store, ask more questions, and be willing to learn. Sound overwhelming? We’ve got you.

  • Cuts & Cooking

    A farmer or rancher put careful thought and sustained time and energy into shepherding their animals from their farm to your table. Now it’s your turn to translate that care into the kitchen.

  • Good Meat® Snapshots

    Inspiration. Information. Community. Welcome to our Snapshots. Here, you can read about farmers, ranchers, butchers, consumers, chefs, and others who have made Good Meat an important part of their lives.

  • External Learning Resources

    Coming Soon! Defining your own Good Meat® values can feel complicated. You may have heard bits and pieces about large scale factory farms, horrid working conditions, environmental issues, or maybe you’re curious why vegetarianism isn’t necessarily a perfect solution. These topics are big, but we’ve listed some of our favorite thought-provoking resources.

  • Whole Animal Butcher Shop Database

    Looking for a Good Meat® butcher? Check out our list of whole animal butcher shops who source from local producers whenever possible.

Farmer & Rancher Resources

  • The Lowdown

    Our “Lowdowns” are a virtual opportunity for producers to strengthen their marketing and learn from one another. Sign up for upcoming Lowdowns or watch past Lowdowns! 

  • Marketing Workshops

    Check out our Good Meat® marketing education workshops. We cover everything from brand strategy to building your own marketing calendar, to the ins and outs of social media, email marketing, and public relations.

  • Toolkits

    Feel like you're spending a lot of time educating your consumers on bulk buying or how to cook at pork roast? Download our consumer education and marketing toolkits and share them with your customers.

Butcher & Chef Resources

  • Women’s Good Meat Network: Financial & Technical Support

    Coming Soon! Are you a butcher or chef who identifies as women, trans, or gender nonconforming, who works in the meat industry? We're working on a library of financial aid and technical support resources just for you. Stay tuned! 

  • Whole Animal Butcher Shop List

    Want to be added to our recommended list of Whole Animal Butcher Shops for consumers? Check out our list and get in touch if you wish to be added. 

  • Butchery Learning Opportunities

    Coming Soon! Looking to learn whole animal butchery and utilization as a hobby or as a career? We're working on a library of butchery learning and training opportunities around the world. Stay tuned.

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