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The Lowdown

Our monthly farmer & rancher peer-to-peer learning series

The Lowdown is a once-a-month, virtual gathering of direct-to-consumer Good Meat® producers who want to go deep and talk shop. We call these monthly sessions “The Lowdown.” Our “Lowdowns” are a virtual opportunity for Good Meat® producers to strengthen their marketing and learn from one another. They are hour-long conversations between a guest producer, producer-facilitators, and a group of producers who join to ask questions and participate. Each session is focused on a marketing theme.

Our hosts Alex Miller of Lick Skillet Farm and Beth Robinette of Lazy R Ranch will facilitate and ensure an atmosphere of lively discussion and knowledge sharing.

Fall 2023 Lowdowns

  • September 14th: Scaling with Purpose

    We love hearing from producers who want to expand their market and their product offerings. Whether it’s simply adding heads to your herd (or flock) or adding unique products and increasing your production to meet the demand, you need a concrete plan. To tackle the subject, Jamie Ager of Hickory Nut Gap will join our hosts Alex Miller of Lick Skillet Farm and Beth Robinette of Lazy R Ranch. Together, they’ll answer your questions about scaling with purpose. Bring your questions and be ready for a great kick off to our Fall Lowdown series.

  • October 12th: Building an Online Brand

    Producers are always looking for ways to connect with consumers who are ready to buy. Whether you’re new to digital sales world or looking to create hyper targeted digital marking, this one is for you. Sean Lenihan of The Honest Bison will join our hosts Alex Miller of Lick Skillet Farm and Beth Robinette of Lazy R Ranch.. Together, they’ll explore the nuance of being an online brand and talk about how to leverage your marketing dollars in the digital space. Bring your questions and be ready for an informative Lowdown.

  • November 9th: Waste Stream Diversion - Reclaiming Revenue

    We love hearing about producers who are looking to turn loss into profit. Consumer Packaged Goods is one of those creative responses to revenue going down the waste stream. We’ve invited Katie Pencke of Alluvial Farms to join our hosts Alex Miller of Lick Skillet Farm and Beth Robinette of Lazy R Ranch. Together, they’ll answer your questions about recapturing value from your waste stream with consumer packaged goods. 

View Past Lowdowns

Did a Lowdown fill up before you got a chance to sign up? No sweat. We record all of our Lowdowns and you can watch them at any time.

You'll find links to past Lowdown recordings here.

Follow-Up Group Office Hours

Immediately following each Lowdown, we will be offering our Lowdown registrants a group office hour with Tim Joseph. Tim Joseph is a trusted advisor to our Farmers and Ranchers Marketing Innovation Network and Grassfed Alliance programs, and is part of our network of Good Meat® marketing consultants. Tim is also a producer with years of experience navigating the logistics of small business ownership. All Lowdown registrants are invited to come with unanswered (or new) questions about the Lowdown topic of the month and have them answered. We will email a Zoom link and calendar invite for the follow up group office hours to all registrants after each Lowdown.

Sponsor the Lowdown

Lowdown sponsorships help us continue to host knowledgeable farmers and ranchers who are excited to share their success stories and their struggles with other Good Meat® farmers, ranchers, producers, buyers, and sellers. It's precisely this kind of collaboration and knowledge sharing that will help grow an economically viable Good Meat® marketplace. Your sponsorship means we can continue to offer these sessions to the 65,000+ livestock farmers in this country who are selling directly to consumers. Sponsors receive recognition during the Lowdowns, on our website, and in social media, depending on sponsorship level. To learn more and become a sponsor today, email

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