Good Meat Project

Our Good Meat® Manifesto


We insist that people have easy access to clear and accurate information about the meat they are buying.



We believe that all people should have access to healthy, affordable, and culturally-appropriate meat produced through ecologically sound methods. We believe food systems are strongest when we listen to and amplify a multitude of thoughts, perspectives, and lived experiences that can only be provided by a diverse community of land stewards, craftspeople, and consumers.



Greater, equitable access to knowledge, skills, and information empowers consumers, producers, and food professionals to shape a supply chain that values the health of land, animals, and people.



As we reimagine the role that meat plays in our diets and landscapes, we acknowledge there is no one solution to the challenges we face. We embrace the complexity and nuance inherent in the process of reimagining and problem solving.



We believe that a food culture that cares for land, animals and people is built on a foundation of shared resources, the ongoing exchange of ideas, and emergent, creative, and communal problem solving across the supply chain.


We built the Good Meat Breakdown as a jumping off point for consumers who want to find, buy and cook Good Meat. Check it out!

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