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Note: This program is currently on pause until 2022.

The Good Meat™ Atlas is an urgent creative initiative from the Good Meat Project. It researches, documents, and shares endangered meat traditions from around the world. The project is driven by a concern that critical knowledge of whole-animal butchery and utilization techniques is being lost. Industrialization of meat has disrupted  the continuity of skills that have historically supported a responsible system of meat production, threatening cultures of respectful and responsible meat consumption.

Research compiled by the Good Meat Project shows that in many European countries, where regional meat traditions have been established for generations, the number of butcher shops declined by as much as 60% in the last 25 years, and continues to fall. In 2020, disruptions related to the coronavirus pandemic revealed the vulnerability of commodity and industrial meat supply chains, underscoring the importance of resilient local and regional food systems that both sustain the viability of farmers and processors and provide communities with good, healthy, humanely raised meat.

We have a long-term vision for this program: to identify practitioners of significant regional meat traditions, and to produce multimedia materials that preserve and share their unique place-based practices of butchering, curing, and preparing meat.

For inquiries about the Good Meat Atlas, email our coordinators.

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