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Good Meat Camp for Women

Formerly Grrls Meat Camp (GMC), Good Meat Camp for Women is a relatively new program of the Good Meat Project with the mission to inspire, instruct and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks, and teachers, and give voice to women united by a shared interest in Good Meat. We achieve this programmatic mission through our annual Good Meat Camp for Women gathering and by growing a global online network of educators, mentors, and learners who are eager to share their knowledge with one another. 

Our Good Meat Camp for Women aspires to: 

  • Unite women across the globe who are passionate about the tenants of Good Meat.
  • Support women by providing them with the skills and competence necessary to succeed in the Good Meat economy, with a local and international view.
  • Empower women in the industry, through education and resources.
  • Educate both professional women and home butchers/cooks on ways to better our food system, through responsible sourcing, processing, and consumption of meat.
  • Create a network, or “sisterhood,” of like-minded women who, through social media, workshops, our annual rendezvous, or informal meat-ups, inspire and support each other in business as well as home interest.

We host Good Meat Camp for Women annually and invite all manner of eaters, seeders, and feeders, who are working and learning along the Good Meat supply chain, to join us. 

For inquiries about our Good Meat Camp for Women, email our coordinators.

To join our online network of women, go here.


Our Good Meat Camp for Women, formerly Grrls Meat Camp, was originally founded in 2011 by Kate Hill. Kate is a teacher, coach, cook, mentor, and author with more than 40 years of experience in the food industry. She travels the world giving workshops and collaborating with other thought leaders in the food world. Kate also leads cookery, butchery and charcuterie programs and courses at the Kitchen at Camont, her home and school in Southwest France. An increasing number of womxn began attending her meat-focused workshops and programs, many of whom were facing discrimination and other battles to earn their spot in the Good Meat world. Kate thought, "What if we could gather as many aspiring and professional meat ladies in one room (or around a campfire) and learn from one another?" Grrls Meat Camp was born.

Kate held the very first Grrls Meat Camp Rendezvous at her Kitchen at Camont, with the vision to keep it light, fun, and informal. "We'll butcher and bake, barbecue and bonfire," she wrote in the first invitation she sent to a small group of diverse womxn. These "original meat grrls" (or OMG's as she called them) ranged in ages from 27 to 62 and included culinary students, budding farmers, meat cutting experts, aspiring butchers, home cooks, and food writers. They came from Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., Montreal, and St. Louis. Everyone pitched in to cook, teach, share, and learn with each other and with their counterparts in Southwest France. 

In the years since that first gathering, Kate organized many more Grrls Meat Camp gatherings in Washington, California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and elsewhere. As a result, the Grrls Meat Camp community grew exponentially, and it continues to grow both online and off.  

In 2019, Kate, our official Grrls Meat Camp grandmere, handed the Grrls Meat Camp reins to the Good Meat Project. Camas Davis, our executive director, has attended several Grrls Meat Camps over the years, including the very first one, and several OMGs also sit on the board of the Good Meat Project. In 2020, The Good Meat Project changed the name of Grrls Meat Camp to Good Meat Camp for Women. The Good Meat Project's mission, to build pathways toward responsible meat production and consumption, aligns perfectly with the original mission of Grrls Meat Camp, and both Kate Hill and the Good Meat Project are excited about this next chapter.

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