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Real meat builds real community. At Good Meat Project we believe that food production practices that center the care for land, animals and people is built on a foundation of shared resources, the ongoing exchange of ideas, and emergent, creative, and communal problem solving across the supply chain. Buying local meat builds resilient and economically stable communities.

When you purchase local meat from a Good Meat® farmer or rancher in your community, you are actively shrinking the supply chain, saving your family money, and gaining access to locally sourced and responsibly produced meat. This shift in purchasing habits helps build economic resilience in your community by giving local producers the ability to create livable wage jobs and hire locally. And by virtue, these same farmers and ranchers in your community restore transparency into the production, processing and distribution of meat that ends up on your dinner table.

In addition, when you buy meat in bulk, by purchasing a whole, half or quarter share directly from a farmer, you’re helping your local farmer or rancher plan for the year and remain a sustainable part of your local economy. This in turn strengthens your community’s food system ensuring you have healthy, nutritious, and delicious options available, no matter what is happening with supply and demand on the larger agriculture scale.

Join us in the our effort to #KeepMeatReal by buying directly from a Good Meat producer in your local community. We’ve gathered resources on our website to help you learn the ins and outs of buying from a local farmer or rancher.

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