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If you are a consumer looking to source local, responsible meat: 

  • Search for local farms in your area online and reach out to them directly. Many communities have farm support organizations that maintain an online catalog of local farms and their products. LocalHarvest and EatWild are two examples. You may find leads to this via google or homesteading and food groups on social media. 
  • Farmers markets may be closed, but you can go to their website or call to find contact information for their regular vendors. Find one near you using Local Harvest or the USDA National Farmers Market Directory.
  • Search online for local butcher shops that are dedicated to sourcing meat from local, responsible sources and utilizing the whole animals. The Good Meat Project has expanded upon an original directory of whole animal butcher shops that New Amsterdam Market recently compiled. The Good Meat Project is continuing to build this national database of whole animal butcher shops that source local meat. We are updating it hour by hour so the list will continue to grow. If you are a butcher shop owner who wishes to be on the list, please submit your information here
  • The Niche Meat Processor's Assistance Network (NMPAN) is compiling a list of livestock farmers who sell their meats online. You can view that list here. 
  • Contact your local Meat Collective. The Good Meat Project trains these are organizations and businesses around the country to offer whole-animal butchery classes using locally-sourced, responsibly-raised meat. While they likely aren’t offering classes in the face of COVID-19, they are great information resources for finding local Good Meat.
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