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Real meat is inclusive. We all know someone along the meat value chain who has felt “unseen”, has been overlooked or just doesn’t feel included. For years, the meat industry has celebrated the same archetype over and over, but working behind the scenes are so many amazing people who never get acknowledged. In addition, it can be hard for consumers to find culturally significant foods in a format that works for their lifestyle.

We believe food systems are strongest when we listen to and make space for a multitude of thoughts, perspectives, and lived experiences that can only be provided by a diverse community of land stewards, craftspeople, and consumers. When we feel acknowledged and heard, we are inspired to create and consume food that connects with who we are. This not only gives us the ability to diversify our options and try new things as eaters, but also empowers small scale producers of all walks of life (no matter beliefs, race or identity) to feel valued, included and inspired to create delicious foods that consumers want to eat. And more often than not, large food processing facilities, in places we’ve never heard of and know nothing about, do not leave room for this type of diverse input nor output.

Here at the Good Meat Project, one of our primary goals is to challenge antiquated systems and policies that create inequality, oppression, and disparity. And we embody that sentiment by celebrating those who are often unseen, through our Snapshots, Lowdown and Kitchen Table Chat events and more. We believe that all people should have access to healthy, affordable, and culturally-appropriate meat produced through ecologically sound methods that are aligned with peoples’ Good Meat® values. Click here to find your local Good Meat® producer and and enjoy the cornucopia of delicious and valuable options that diversity affords us.

Photo Credit: Talia Gavins

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