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One of our core Good Meat® values is transparency. Real meat raised according to these values is transparent from start to finish. Transparency in the food supply chain is rare, at best, and packaging designed for consumers can convey messages of “sustainability” or “natural” or “farm fresh” and even include unfounded claims on packaging. For consumers that want to know the truth about what is actually in their food and want to know specifically where it comes from, this can be frustrating and confusing.

In the meat industry, it’s just as frustrating. Many consumers who make the very deliberate decision to eat meat really care about the origins of their meat. They ask themselves, “Where was the animal born? What was it fed? How was it fed? How did it spend its life, and sometimes most importantly, how was it slaughtered, processed and packaged before it arrived on my plate?”

These are reasonable questions that consumers can’t always find answers to. When we look to conventional meat production for answers, what we often find are sanitized messages that blur reality, or worse, we find answers that are simply untrue. That is not transparency by any measure.

And that’s where Good Meat® values come into play.

Transparency matters and it is one of our core values. The farmers and ranchers, butchers and chefs that share these values invest a lot into raising, processing and distributing meat in a responsible and intentional way and share those processes in a transparent way. This is why, at the Good Meat Project we encourage meat eaters to be diligent when it comes to learning about where their food comes from, who raised it, and how it came to be on your table.

Consumers want delicious and nutritious meat products that center transparency as a core value. Read more about our Good Meat® values by using the link in our bio and join us in our fight to #keepmeatreal.

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