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Check out our comprehensive list of whole animal butcher shops.

While whole animal butcher shops can feel like a relic of a bygone era, a handful of truly old school shops still exist. Some were founded nearly 100 years ago and the butchers who work there still do all of the cutting themselves.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a resurgence of this model, with a younger generation honing their butchery skills and opening up shops dedicated to turning whole carcasses into chops, steaks, roasts, sausage and salami. Many of these new shops have chosen to hone their sourcing practices, too, by only buying whole animals from local producers who align with our Good Meat® values.

The list represents original research from New Amsterdam Market and continued research and additions by the Good Meat Project. We’re continually updating our list and welcome any additions you could suggest or any comments you have. If you would like to submit information to this list, you can do so via the form provided here.

Some of these shops only buy whole or half carcasses directly from local Good Meat® farmers. Others may choose to supplement with individual cuts or “box meat” (i.e. wholesale cuts like loin or round) from distributors, who have sourced from centralized slaughterhouses and processing facilities, to provide an array of prices to their customers. In this list, we are also tracking which butcher shops currently accept SNAP.

Again, it pays to ask a lot of questions. If you aren’t sure what to ask, we’ve got you covered with this primer on talking to your butcher. A Good Meat® butcher is always happy to answer questions like, “What part of the animal did this cut come from?” “How was this animal raised?” or “Who raised it?” So don’t be afraid to ask.

For more on using SNAP Benefits at butcher shops head over here.

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