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Keep Meat Real

Not All Meat is Bad

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If you’ve actually seen regenerative systems at work and tasted meat raised with these practices, you would know that not all meat is “bad”. Good Meat® eaters are often told they have a “choice” to make. They can eat large scale feed lot produced meat (irresponsible), or eat vegetarian/vegan (responsible). Consumers are rarely, if ever, told there is a 3rd option, one that is good for them, animals and the planet.

Conventional animal agriculture, which most people associate with negative impacts and outcomes, has proven to be very harmful to the environment, to the billions of animals held in confinement and treated inhumanely, and to the people who are presented with a small variety of prepackaged products. Yet comparing conventionally raised livestock to animals raised in a regenerative constellation of practices, including pastured and grassfed, is not an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

To conflate these two types of production practices and the products that come from them into the same category is irresponsible and frankly, dishonest. It doesn’t take into account how farmers and ranchers care for and manage the land in harmony with nature, and how they care for the livestock they raise on that land. Livestock raised in pasture based and grass grazed systems eat what they would naturally eat, not toxic byproducts of commodity monocultures that further deplete soil fertility, diminish wildlife ecosystems and contaminate water. These are not assumptions or opinions. These are proven facts.

We realize that “good” and “bad” are subjective. However, what WE mean by “good” is drawn directly from our Good Meat® values. We know that taking animals off the land won’t repair our food system, but something else will: harmony and deliciousness. If we eat delicious foods raised in harmony with the planet, the menu can be big enough for everyone. Join the Good Meat® movement today and help us #KeepMeatReal. Click the link in our bio to join the movement and learn more about what we’re doing to keep meat real and support Good Meat® farmers and ranchers who are raising livestock in a way that supports the health of the planet and the people who call it home.

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