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Camas Davis

Executive Director

In 2009, Camas Davis, a ten-year veteran magazine editor and food and travel writer, traveled to Gascony in southwest France to study the art of butchery and charcuterie with a family of pig farmers and butchers. Upon her return she founded the Portland Meat Collective, a one-of-a-kind meat school and culinary resource that has changed the way citizens of Portland, Oregon, think about their food, their community, and their local food economy. In 2014, Davis launched the Good Meat Project in order to spread Meat Collective-style education across the country. Camas continues to write about her experiences in the world of meat, including stories for the radio show, This American Life and Vogue magazine. Davis and the Portland Meat Collective have also been the subject of media stories from the New York Times Magazine to Martha Stewart Living. She is also the author of Killing It, a memoir about her adventures in the world of meat. Camas lives in Portland, Oregon.

Sarah King

Board Chair

Sarah King is a project and process manager for Nike. With experience in architecture, higher education, and international supply chain economics, Sarah is adept at helping teams achieve data continuity and scalability solutions. Sarah has an insatiable appetite for learning, creative thinking, and problem solving, all essential components of running a small Willamette Valley farm with her husband, Bubba. Sarah’s farm, Godspeed Hollow, showcases her family’s passion for sustainable farm management and whole-animal utilization, and specializes in pastured pork, poultry, and raw milk production. The Kings use their farming experience to inspire fellow land stewards and farmers to adopt similar approaches. Sarah lives in Newberg, Oregon.

Tanya Harding

Board Treasurer

Tanya Harding’s academic focus started out in agricultural biotechnology, for which she obtained a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of California at Davis. She took her knowledge of molecular biology and genetics with her to Cornell Law School, graduating into a career in patent law. After nearly 20 years as a patent lawyer in Portland, Oregon, helping research institutions, government agencies, corporations, and individuals protect their intellectual property rights in agricultural and medical technologies, Tanya retired in 2017 to pursue more food and community focused pursuits. As a consumer and fervent Portland Meat Collective student, she drew immense inspiration from Camas Davis and the Good Meat Project educational style. Tanya is passionate about shifting food production systems everywhere to be more regional, regenerative, and environmentally sound. She believes change can only arise if meat eaters understand the value of responsible animal husbandry and production methods and that this understanding can only come through education. Tanya lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Adam Danforth

Board Secretary

Adam Danforth is the James Beard and IACP award-winning author of two books, published by Storey Publishing, about slaughtering and butchering livestock. He teaches workshops worldwide on butchery and meat science for venues such as Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, the James Beard Foundation Chefs Boot Camp, Oregon State University, and the National Bison Association. Adam also consults and provides experiential education to restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, Bazaar Meats, and Maude. He is the American ambassador for the Butchers Manifesto and a board member of the Chefs Collaborative and the Good Meat Project. Adam lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Kären Jurgensen

Board Member

Kären Jurgensen is the fine dining Chef Instructor at Seattle Culinary Academy. She is also the founder of the sustainability curriculum at Seattle Culinary Academy which she launched in 2005. Kären spends summers at Quillisascut Cheese Company’s Farm School teaching professional chefs, culinary students and agricultural professionals farm-to-table immersion courses. She has taught whole animal butchery courses there since 2003. She was the founding president of FORKS, the Seattle Chapter of Chefs Collaborative. She is an active member of Slow Food, and a member of Women Chef’s and Restaurateurs and Les Dames de Escoffier. Karen also co-authored Rethinking the Kitchen: The Sustainable Kitchen Handbook and Chefs on the Farm, a cookbook. She lives in Seattle, Washington. 


Celine Kagan

Board Member

Celine Kagan is a livestock farmhand, living in New York's Hudson Valley. Using her previous experience in education and communications, she contributes to the outreach, branding and marketing efforts of the farms where she works, in addition to daily farm activities. Celine has a deep love for animals and is driven to see them thrive in environments that best suit their nature and their needs. Prior to her unexpected discovery that farming best suits her nature and needs, Celine taught high school English literature at the Little Red School House, a trailblazing force for progressive education, founded in 1921. After nearly a decade in the classroom, Celine combined her love for storytelling with her love for food and transitioned to become Executive Director of Wicked Good Media, a boutique PR firm in Manhattan, that works closely with restaurants and chefs across the country. Then, one day, in 2014, Celine milked a sheep in Tuscany and everything changed...

Alex Miller

Board Member

Alex Miller is a seventh generation farmer and the CEO of Lick Skillet Farm, a 100-year old family farm located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Lick Skillet direct markets grass-finished beef and pastured pork and operates with an emphasis on soil health and animal welfare. Alex is in the process of launching the Appalachian Meat Collective to bring the message of the Good Meat Project to his region. Alex also serves as a board member on the Southern Sustainable Agriculture and Education (SSARE) Administrative Council. In his day job, Alex is the William B. Stokely Chaired Professor of Business at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. His speciality there is management of nonprofit organizations. In that capacity, he was the founding board chair for the Alliance for Better Nonprofits and he also serves on the National Academy of Science Air Force Studies Board. Alex has an undergraduate degree from Tennessee Tech, an MBA from Dartmouth College, and a PhD from the University of Washington.

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